Website Hosting

Zolé has been hosting websites since 2004


Your website will reside on a Virtual Private Server (VPS), hosted in a data center. This VPS where your site resides will only be shared with other Zolé clients. This insures adequate resources to meet the needs of your website, particularly WordPress websites.

The server has round-the-clock supervision which translates into very low downtime (it is, on average, up and running more than 99.9% of the time). This data center offers multiple “redundancies” which means that if there is a problem there is an immediate fix. For example if there is a power outage there is a backup battery. If there is a loss of internet connectivity, there is a second source, etc.

Web traffic information will be provided at no additional charge, using data analytics software from Matomo (external link).


  • 4 GB disk space (includes disk space used for email)
  • 7 GB data transfer per month
  • Up to 10 mailboxes
  • Web based email (webmail)
  • POP3 or IMAP email account (with spam filtering and virus protection)
  • Control Panel access

$18 a month (billed quarterly by mail, Paypal Subscription or credit card on file)
Extra GB of data transfer per month: $3 per GB (unlikely to be needed)
Extra GB of email space per month: $3 per GB*

*Emails (excluding any file attachments) are very small – so 100,000 emails would be just 1 gigabyte! Large attachements, particularily if they are archived or left in the deleted items folder, would eventually reach 3GB or more. Large attachements can be saved to your local computer and then deleted from the email system.

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