About Zolé Design

Jeff Zeunert

Jeff founded Zolé, LLC in 2007 after working 7 years, full-time, as a freelance web designer and developer. He has been designing and developing websites since 1996.

Zolé designs specifically for, but not limited to: yoga studios, acupuncture, physical therapy, psychotherapists, massage therapy and Pilates.

Zolé also works with a variety of small businesses such as: restaurants, dentists, locksmiths, naturopaths, life coaches, personal trainers and non-profit organizations.

Jeff is a yoga practitioner and has created over 20 yoga studio designs and also maintains yoga studio websites for clients throughout the United States. His knowledge of physical therapy is strong, having had both personal and professional experience working with these groups of professionals.

Jeff enjoys travel, yoga, sailing, cooking and is an avid bike racer. He lives in Seattle, WA.

John Visser

Throughout John’s 20-year career of planning and building websites, he has cultivated a reputation for being a reliable, approachable professional and a tenacious problem solver.

In addition to creating digital solutions for small & mid-sized businesses and nonprofits, John collaborates with design and marketing professionals to help make and keep their clients happy. He has a keen interest in how people use web technologies and enjoys getting involved in innovative ventures that can improve people’s lives and their communities.

When John isn’t working in his slippers, he is laughing with family and friends, strumming a ukulele, singing his heart out, taking pictures, enjoying nature, scribbling words, or home roasting coffee. He also has interests in travel, psychology, architecture, and forensic anthropology.

A native of Seattle, Washington, John had the pleasure of spending four years in Portugal, soaking in the history, drinking vinho verde, and gazing at the ocean while trying to avoid the crowded beaches.

He lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota.